After a long summers holiday I´m back at work again since a couple of weeks. The last things I did before holiday was to shoot some portraits for Skanska Flervärden and Två Dagar.



A couple of weeks ago Två Dagar published a story about the opera-soprano Ida Falk Winland, signed by me and Johanna Lagerfors. I came up with the idea of doing something on the Gothenburg Opera already in January. My main reason was the same as so often; I wanted to spend some time behind the scenes in a world that seemed to be completely different from my own. And opera, it is kind of magic after all. Some research led me to Ida Falk Winland, who was going to play a role in the Barber in Sevilla later on this spring.

The first time we met Ida was three weeks before the opening night, when she was trying her dress. I thought she was familiar in some way, but couldn´t really understand why. A week later, when we met a second time, it turned out that we had studied music together. More than ten years ago. Our lives have changed in quite different ways since, she constantly keeps moving, spending one month in each city. Now it´s Gothenburg, next month London, followed by Helsinki.



When the Swedish premier football league Allsvenskan started last weekend, the two Gothenburg teams BK Häcken and IFK Göteborg happened to meet in a derby. I thought this was a good reason to meet some of the people who follow the matches live, from the arenas. The editors at Två Dagar agreed, so me and my colleague Johanna Lagerfors met six supporters who told us about the great love for their teams. The story was published the day before the derby.



A month ago the picture editor at Två Dagar – the weekend magazine of Göteborgs-Posten – asked me to shoot a story about the Bellevue neighborhood in Göteborg. Bellevue is an old industrial area that has been left more or less untouched between new housing and refurbished areas. It´s not home to industries anymore, but to a variety of different activities. In an old clothing warehouse you´ll find one of Göteborgs largest mosques, nearby is an oriental food store where halal-meet draws many customers. Down by the small river Säveån is the estonian boat-club, and on weekends the area gets crowded by people shopping at the big second-hand market.

The story was written by Kerstin Sjödén, one of my colleagues at Frilansarna and was published in Två Dagar last Saturday.



After six months on parental leave, I´m now back working full time again. Even though my priority during this time has been to spend as much time as possible with my daughter, I have been able to shoot some assignments as well. Among them was a cover story for Två Dagar about a mormon family in Göteborg, a travel-story on Göteborg for the New York Times, a Sunday feature for Göteborgs-Posten about names and a portrait for Volvo Life.

The first thing I did when I came back to work was to move my office. You´ll now find me att Erik Dahlbergsgatan 9, where I´m a part of the freelance collective Frilansarna.



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