A month ago the picture editor at Två Dagar – the weekend magazine of Göteborgs-Posten – asked me to shoot a story about the Bellevue neighborhood in Göteborg. Bellevue is an old industrial area that has been left more or less untouched between new housing and refurbished areas. It´s not home to industries anymore, but to a variety of different activities. In an old clothing warehouse you´ll find one of Göteborgs largest mosques, nearby is an oriental food store where halal-meet draws many customers. Down by the small river Säveån is the estonian boat-club, and on weekends the area gets crowded by people shopping at the big second-hand market.

The story was written by Kerstin Sjödén, one of my colleagues at Frilansarna and was published in Två Dagar last Saturday.



After six months on parental leave, I´m now back working full time again. Even though my priority during this time has been to spend as much time as possible with my daughter, I have been able to shoot some assignments as well. Among them was a cover story for Två Dagar about a mormon family in Göteborg, a travel-story on Göteborg for the New York Times, a Sunday feature for Göteborgs-Posten about names and a portrait for Volvo Life.

The first thing I did when I came back to work was to move my office. You´ll now find me att Erik Dahlbergsgatan 9, where I´m a part of the freelance collective Frilansarna.



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