Mozambique, 2014

The Västerås deacony started up huge tree plantations in northern Mozambique. They wanted profit - but also to bring social development to the area. It didn´t take long before they were accused of land grabbing.

Japan, 2011

Nine months have past since the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi. Slowly, life seems to be on its way back to normal again. But the disaster has only begun.

Sweden, 2011

One week after a ship collision north of the Denmark, a massive oil-spill was found on the coast of Tjörn, western Sweden.

Western Sahara, 2011

Boats from the European Union fish in the waters of Western Sahara, a country occupied by Morocco since 1975.

Turkey, 2010

After decades in exile, Assyrians return to their abandoned homes in southeastern Turkey. For many of them, this is the beginning of a new exile, far from children and grandchildren who choose to stay behind.

Namibia, 2009

Swedish electricity is produced by uranium from Namibias booming uranium-industry.

Åland, 2009

For members of the Santa Society, beeing Santa is a full time commitment, not something you do only for Christmas.

Sweden, 2009

Women from 15 nations compete for the title as the world´s best armwrestler.

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